"Saturday Market" at Rivertrees Country Inn, Arusha.

“Saturday Market” at Rivertrees Country Inn, Arusha.

In a post pandemic world, travelling and eating local seem to be on the rise. On August 22, 2020 there was no better place in Arusha to experience just that than at Rivertrees Country Inn. The market was set in a lush garden surrounded by sounds of flowing river steams from Mount Meru. There were over 30 vendors of locally grown organic produce, and handmade crafts. A delicious salad bar and roast were served in one of Rivertrees’ open concept restaurants beside the market, as music serenaded in the background. You can find out when the next ‘Saturday Market’ will take place by following @rivertrees_country_inn on Instagram or Facebook.

Words and pictures by Shellina Ebrahim