Peroni - Bringing Unmatched Taste to Tanzania. See more...

Peroni – Bringing Unmatched Taste to Tanzania. See more…

Peroni – Bringing Unmatched Taste to Tanzania.

By Shelina Ebrahim

While class and sophistication have always been unquestionable in Peroni’s image and taste, this premium Italian lager is having a big influence in the formation of the fashion industry in Tanzania. From its association with fashionable brands of luxury, to its matchless taste and stylish look, Peroni Nastro Azzuro stands strong as the most sophisticated lager in Tanzania, if not world wide.


The passion and creativity of Peroni is evident today in its character as it was 50 years ago when the brew master, Francesco Peroni, founded it.  In the 1960‘s, Italy was becoming one of the most  advanced nations in the West.  Optimism and enthusiasm filled the air as economic and social advancements took place. It is only natural that the approach to making Peroni would be inspired by creativity, passion and sophistication; characters unique to this premium Italian lager and to the society it was founded in.

Peroni Tanzania

It is the Italian inspiration and passion that makes Peroni stand out from the crowd. If you have ever tasted or seen this lager, you would know of its matchless taste that is unique to it only. It is the lager’s light, crisp, and smooth taste which makes it very well balanced and refreshing with no strong after taste. Whether enjoyed straight from its classy bottle, or from a sophisticated Peroni glass, the taste and appearance of Peroni communicate nothing less but unmistakable classy style.

Peroni Tanzania

The association between Peroni Nastro Azzurro and the high profile Tanzanian fashion designer Ally Rehmtullah is truly a fashionable affair. As Rehmtullah prepares to launch  his 2014 collection in 2 days, Peroni has collaborated with him by sponsoring his after party. Being a by invitation only event enhanced by Peroni’s unmistakable style, it is expected to be one of the classiest evenings yet with A-listers sipping on the smooth lager.

Peroni Tanzania

Peroni’s unmistakable style is genuinely a positive addition to beer and fashion lovers in Tanzania. Having have entered the market at a time when Tanzania is going through similar transformations to those of Italy in the 1960’s, Peroni is definitely bound to have a positive influence to the local fashion industry. Bringing with it values of innovation, creativity and sophistication, which are essential in fashion, Peroni couldn’t have entered the Tanzanian market at a better time.