Jewellery - Wood goes exotic. See more...

Jewellery – Wood goes exotic. See more…

From building houses to making fire and weapons, now wood is being used to make high-end jewellery and fashion accessories. This exotic fashion trend is a reaction to current environmental issues, and an appreciation of well crafted  and innovative products

Kerry Glanfield is a jewellery designer in Tanzania from The Cayman Islands who turns locally sourced wood into simple yet distinctive jewellery pieces. Each piece is  uniquely hand crafted by artisans in Tanzania. Glanfield combines some of the pieces with gold into beautiful innovative designs of luxury that are valuable from generation to generation. Her pieces include necklaces, rings and bracelets. They have been stocked in various countries world wide including Kenya, Grand Cayman, USA, London, and Tanzania. “In the coming months, I will also be producing orders for Australia and South Africa.” Said Glanfield. To get more information about her products  and stockists, please visit her website

Nyumbani Design

As challenging environmental problems continue to face the earth, fashion is also reflecting people’s reactions to these issues. Wearing pieces made of materials from nature such as shells, wood, and bones is basically an indication that people do appreciate and do want to bond with nature.

While Nyumbani Designs continues to offer luxurious accessories made of wood and encouraging local employment, they have also partnered with an organization called Trees for the Future. In this partnership, for every wooden piece sold by Nyumbani Design, a tree will be planted in Tanzania.