FAS Magazine Print Now in Zanzibar

FAS Magazine Print Now in Zanzibar

FAS Magazine brings home international fashion and lifestyle while sharing with the world the full luxury of Tanzanian fashion and lifestyle. With over 50k viewers online since launching, and 16k print copies distributed in 2016, pick up your free copy of FAS at the following locations in Zanzibar available today. You may connect with me via email (info@fasmagazine.com) or on social media (Twitter and Instagram @shellinae).

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Shellina Ebrahim (Editor In Chief)

FAS Magazine Distribution Points in Zanzibar Island Tanzania

FAS Magazine Distribution Points in Zanzibar Island Tanzania

Somehow, every year, my travels never cease to take me by surprise. It is, of course, a delightful surprise. Not only because of the change in weather, new sceneries, and different cultures, but because I get to try on all the new and interesting clothes and beauty products.

One of the great things about fashion, is how it’s always changing. One day I am trotting  in Toronto at -10°C ,  in winter gear trying on the latest beauty products, and the next day I am in a cotton jumpsuit at 30°C , covering fashion events, exhibitions,  and new collections in East Africa. This vibe of always being ready to embrace change can be felt in our fashion editorial ‘Bright Now’. In it, photographer Moiz Husein captures our first cover girl this year, Jossie Lynn, wrapped in warm and cool hued kangas that are bright and quirky.

I am also really enjoying the new inspirations. Right now, international fashion is surely having a down to earth moment.  Warm yet stylish tones of red brown are the universal trend not just in fashion, but also in make-up, and interior. Fashion houses have taken their inspirations from the 1970’s , allowing us to take on the elements in hip-chic  clothes and accessories.  Check our trend section for tips on putting together some of the most stylish looks yet, jump right into our beauty guide for beauty secrets, or use our step by step workout demonstrations to achieve your fitness goals this year.

FAS was born as a digital magazine to bring the international world of fashion and lifestyle home. To give men and women in East Africa the tools to create their own personal style. To give them confidence through fashion and luxury lifestyle. Thanks to the fast increasing number of internet users in East Africa, and the wit of many in the last year and a half, we have unfolded into one of the most read fashion and lifestyle digital magazines in the region. Moreover, we have collaborated with various major brands and have morphed into a portal where readers get honest testimonials. A source for those around the world, seeking inspirations from the continent of Africa.

In the end, inspirations are only part of the bigger picture. The missing element is you, and how life’s inspirations give you a chance to progress. Be it in travel, how you dress, what you eat, how you care for your skin, and much more.  Wherever you are, we will be here, just a click away, to offer you  inspirations for being the best you can be. After all, fashion is always changing, and so should you.

Thanks to all our readers, collaborators, advertisers, and the brilliant FAS team who have made this magazine something to be proud of. Let us know your comments and suggestions at info@fasmagazine.com

Shelina Ebrahim