Fashion Editorial – ‘Evolved Alpha Male’ & Interview with model Daxx Hans.

FAS Magazine


Daxx Hans shows us his evolved alpha male side in the July 2013 cover story of FAS magazine.

The Tanzanian model poses for who else but Ali Zoeb, who can capture evolved alpha male like no other photographer.

Daxx wears a wardrobe of Tanzanian printed shorts designed by Vida Mahimbo and handmade cotton scarves from Dar-es-salaam’s peninsula craft market picked by fashion editor Shellina Ebrahim. The setting is at a stunning small island called Bongoyo approximately 30 minutes by a small boat from The Slipway in Dar-es-salaam. Daxx invited a friend to accompany him to the FAS shoot and she appears in parts of this editorial. Find out more about her in FAS magazine’s August 2013 edition. Read on below on our follow-up interview with Daxx since we last spoke to him in Volume 1 of FAS in March 2013.

FAS Magazine

FAS Magazine

FAS Magazine

FAS Magazine

FAS Magazine

How would you describe your own style?

My Style is how I live. I do everything in style; the way I walk, laugh, eat, work out, wear, and in everything else about me, style must be in it. Simply, I am living a good life that is simple and creative in my own style.

What have you been working on since coming back to Tanzania from South Africa?

The main aim of coming back is to visit my lovely mom. I am happy she is happy and doing great. She is my everything. Secondly, I am building a house for my mom in Kigamboni and have to manage that project. Everything is going under Daxx control thank God.

Do you see any changes in the fashion industry in Tanzania recently compared to say, a year ago? 

I see a lot of changes in terms of payment, treatment, casting, organizing, seriousness and promoting. More needs to be done though.

Where do you see the Tanzanian fashion industry at in 10 years?

I see the Tanzanian fashion industry more established in 1o years than it is right now. Some doors must be opened for talent to enter the industry and support must be provided to talent in order to reach far.

How would you compare the  South African fashion industry to that of Tanzania at the moment?

There’s a huge gap of a difference between the two. In SA, the fashion industry is taken more seriously so people are more professional about it, honest and focused than in TZ. They look at what you’ve got, they are honest to you and pay you well for what you have done. On the other hand, in Tanzania,  models are not paid well. They are not paid for the real value of  their work. If it’s a big job then you get paid big bucks in SA.

In your opinion, what do you think Tanzanian men want in a woman?

ha! It’s hard to answer this question because not all men are the same. What I can say in general is that they want a good looking, hardworking, and intelligent kind of woman. Women of this kind are rare to find though.

Are you single or taken?

(Smiles) What does single mean? Someone who is not committed to someone else, free to do things by his/her own way? haha!

Describe the perfect relationship to you.

In short, I can say it involves caring, sharing, understanding, respect, and being madly in love with each other. If you don’t have these in a relationship then you might be in trouble.

You have amazing skin. Tell us how you keep it looking smooth and fresh everyday?

Awww thank you so much! The secret I believe is living a healthy lifestyle. This means eating fresh fruit, drinking lots of water, eating salads, getting enough sleep, and doing what you feel is good for you. I try to avoid walking in the sun much. I keep my life simple and cool.

You are currently considered to be the most successful male model in Tanzania. How you you feel about that?

Yes this is true. I feel good about it and sometimes it feels like a dream. It has taken me a lot of work to get here. Some people in South Africa don’t believe that I am from Tanzania. They think that I am American or Nigerian. I don’t know why this is so but some say it’s because I have a different look. I feel great that people I’m meeting in South Africa know more about Tanzania through me. I am doing really good there so, I am thankful and happy.

What do you find the most attractive about a woman.

Ahahah..Really good question. The way she talks, how she looks, how she thinks, how she smells are attractive qualities in a woman. Smell is very important to me.

What plans do you have for your modelling career in the near future?

I plan to establish my own brand of clothing called DaxxCruz Clothing Line. I want to design sneakers and clothing. I am currently doing some research on this and hoping to open my own boutique in the future. Also, I am planning to go to New York and see where that takes me in my career.

Describe yourself in 3 words or less.

Simple and fresh everyday.

What destination would be your ideal vacation?



Photographer:  Ali Zoeb.

Models: Daxx Hans & Jocelyne Maro.

MUA/Styling by Shellina Ebrahim.

Set assistant:  Diyana Shomari.

Interviewer: Shellina Ebrahim

Beach shorts designed by Vida Mahimbo, (Store located at  The Slipway in Dar-es-salaam).

Cotton scarf found at the Peninsula Craft Market in Dar-es-salaam.