7 Things to Keep In Mind Before Planning Your Wedding

7 Things to Keep In Mind Before Planning Your Wedding

7 Things to Keep In Mind Before Planning Your Wedding

Written by Lydia Kasese

In as much as weddings are beautiful and serve as a reminder that love does exist, the days leading up to it can prove to be rather taxing and exhausting. The ceremony itself is often the end product of a lot of tears, anxiety and disagreements. But it does not have to be that way. Here are a few things to keep in mind whilst planning your wedding.

It is ok to not want a white wedding. It is assumed that as women, we grow up dreaming of a prince charming who will one day whisk us off to where we will live happily forever after and we will be in a white dress. But some want a smaller wedding, not in a white dress, and preferably something less fancier (and less sequined!). And that is ok. Have the wedding you want to have and it does not have to be a white wedding!

You do not have to go on a honeymoon straight after your wedding. Maybe you cannot afford to go to the place where you really want to go. Maybe you and your partner have a young child that you can’t leave behind. Or maybe you have to report to work a few days after your wedding (oh dear, I hope this doesn’t happen to any of you!). Whatever the reasons, it is ok to hold off your honeymoon for a later time. Don’t get carried away by the idea of an immediate honeymoon getaway because each of our lives are structured and financed differently.

It is not your wedding, it is your parents’ wedding. I’ve heard this sentence plenty of times, but me and my sister always thought that when it came to our time, we would make the wedding ours. I am here to tell you that this is true. No matter how head strong you think you are and how much strength you have to fight your parents or elders, there will come a point during the planning of the wedding where you will get too emotionally exhausted to argue. When this happens, or before it happens, make a short list of the things that are most important to you in the wedding (wedding colors, venue, etc). Then let them take over everything else. This is the only way to win.

Do not rule out the option of a wedding planner. If you can afford one, get one! Sometimes you trust friends and relatives to do certain things, or follow up on certain things and a week before the wedding you realize that nothing was done. Don’t panic. Take a nap, do some yoga, take a shower, do whatever it is that helps you calm down and think clearly before trying to rectify any problems. Doing sometime that usually relaxes you may prevent you from lashing out at your friends and family members. Which is something you may regret later.

Get enough rest! Give yourself time to rest. The last few weeks will get so hectic that you may even forget to breathe every once in a while. Get some rest even if it’s just five minutes of silence.


It is alright to stand your ground on some issues. Weddings of today may mean that certain cultural practices are no longer relevant. It is ok to stand your ground and reject any practices you view as unnecessary. Of course your stance may not be received well, but stand your ground and remember to be respectful whilst you are at it.

Allow your friends to be your support system. Finally, keep your friends and loved ones close by during this period. There may be times you may get emotionally drained from all the planning on how things should go. Your friends should be there to help you keep your sanity.